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Tuesday 9th June - 10 am start
Approx. 1hr 20 mins  inc questions & housekeeping intro

30-minute session: Making digital events a sustainable part of your Covid-19 fundraising strategy

Once the shiny new thing for fundraising, challenge events are now widely used by a diverse range of charities. However, such a popular fundraising stream needs to be regularly reviewed and refreshed to keep them lucrative, relevant and exciting. This session will look actual case studies from two charities who have transformed some live events into digital and virtual formats, and the challenges & practicalities of re-directing an events strategy and revenue during the Covid 19 era.

Maria Waugh, Senior Running and Challenge Events Manager, Parkinson’s UK
Daniel Nerini,
 Fundraising Engagement Manager CLIC Sargent  

20-minute session:  Modernise or die - propelling an established charity brand into the 21st Century

With a number of experts suggesting that the future of charities will force a change in the way larger charities operate, we hear from a charity that has decided to reinvigorate their strategy and message in order to make themselves more modern, relevant and appealing to the next generation of donors and supporters.

This session will examine:

How to ensure your story is relevant, authentic and personal for your existing supporter base using a new level of personalisation How to create messages that resonate with the next generation – the RAF Associations shift to focus on ‘darkest days and freedom’ When to move away from a successful, decades-old strategy and moving the supporter relationships

Liam Clark-BrownHead of Supporter EngagementRoyal Air Forces Association
Amy PettersonHead of Community FundraisingRoyal Air Forces Association

10-20 mins Q&A and Polls Roundup

Questions to speakers and review of poll results