Simon Constantine

Lush UK

Simon Constantine started his career in perfumery at Lush, a natural progression for a man who was brought up on fragrance and beauty products as the son of two of Lush’s co-founders, Mark and Mo Constantine. During his time at Lush, Simon transformed Lush perfumery, was the chairman of the board for six years and headed up the development of Lush’s ethical supply chain, setting up a team to source quality ingredients while aiming to create a positive impact on communities and the environment. He has travelled the world extensively, often seeing first hand the negative impacts of unsustainable sourcing and using these experiences to catalyse change at Lush.

In the past decade he has been an advocate for regeneration in the supply chain and helped to set up many such projects at Lush in partnerships with communities, networks of farmers and like-minded suppliers. He also helped to launch a prize and a fund to reward regenerative initiatives around the world. 

Simon has recently left Lush to leverage his influence and develop other regenerative business models. He remains a close advisor to Lush and will continue to help shape its future.