Thursday 4th June 10 am start
Approx. 1 hour 25 mins inc questions and housekeeping intro 

25-minute session:  Creating a movement - continuing to engage with your high-value supporters

With younger supporters seeking a more interactive charity experience, and long-term donor loyalty becoming a thing of the past, how can fundraising teams hold the attention of high-value givers? 

The session will examine:

  • Building the movement – Time, Money, Voice and Influence The importance of events and face to face engagement – and what can be done digitally
  • Meeting the needs of different audiences – knowing your donors and creating bespoke stewardship plans
  • The story behind the successful TV campaign from March 2020
  • Using exclusive webinars to update and engage high-value donors. 

Victoria SmithHead of PhilanthropyShelter

30-minute panel session:   Agile, brave and loud - tricks we can learn from small, successful charities

In this panel session, we hear a series of case studies from smaller charities – who, with limited team sizes, less budget and relatively fewer years of operation – have found ways of making themselves heard in a crowded and noisy sector.  We feature a charity that has increased its income tenfold in four years and a new, ground-breaking charity that is challenging one of the last remaining “awkward” health topics via a bold and highly visual social media strategy. The session will examine:

  • What methods are smaller charities using to raise their profile? 
  • How are they attracting new supporters and donors with their limited marketing and fundraising budgets?
  • Is there a benefit to being small?
  • The benefits of being able to be adaptable and brave whatever the size of your charity

Rachel GrocottCommunications ManagerBloody Good Period 

Lucy RadfordFundraising & Communications OfficerSumatran Orangutan Society

10-20 mins Q&A and Polls Roundup

Questions to speakers and review of poll results