Thursday 11th June 10 am start
Approx. 70 minutes inc questions & housekeeping

20-minute session:  Generation Z wants to change the world - but how can you change them into donors? 

As possibly the most ethically-minded generation yet, Generation Z should be a primed and ready to give to charity, but how can fundraisers capture the current passion for petitioning, volunteering and protesting, and convert it into actual fundraised income.  Ben and Ellie will examine how charities need to rethink and reposition their engagement techniques for this generation, and how to engage them during the summer of 2020, when many are working from home with more time to spare. 

Ben Brill, Creative Director, Consider Creative
Ellie Adamo, Account Director, Consider Creative

20-minute session:  Engaging the next generation of BAME communities as supporters, donors and team members

This session reveals the work that Barnardo’s is undertaking to encourage BAME communities to focus their future fundraising activities on more UK based charities, and to consider a career in the third sector.   

Fezzan AhmedPhilanthropy Officer, BAME CommunitiesBarnardo’s